Awards: ‘Fedor vs. Rogers’

By Jake Rossen Nov 9, 2009

D. Mandel/

The Don’t-Listen-to-Idiot-Pundits Award: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, for putting up a better fight than expected against Gegard Mousasi.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Award: Jason Miller, for choking Jake Shields nearly unconscious in the third and thinking the bell rang too soon; and Shields, for getting choked unconscious and not hearing the bell ring soon enough.

The Unsuspecting Jimmy Lennon Award: Miller, for forcing Lennon to announce his fighting style as “slap boxing,” a comedy routine that remains just as unfunny as when Dennis Hallman insisted on “cowboy karate” all those years ago. (Miller is wacky. We get it.)

The We-Gotta-Figure-Out-This-TV-Timing-Thing Award: Strikeforce, for bumping the undercard bout between Mark Miller and Deray Davis entirely. Not having an Excel sheet with an event rhythm laid out cost both men wasted training camps. That’s beyond belief.

Update 11/09/09: Sports Illustrated's Josh Gross didn't pick Sokoudjou to win, as stated here initially. He believed Mousasi would take it. The management regrets the error.
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