Silvas Wanderlei, Anderson Could Train Together

By Jake Rossen Sep 22, 2009
“Regarding Wanderlei and I training together, it may be in case of having any contact, something that get us closer. In this case, if he needs my help, we’ll sure train together.” That’s Anderson Silva getting his contractor’s belt out in order to further mend fences between himself and former training partner Wanderlei Silva. (Quote courtesy Brasil Combate via Fighter’s Only.)

You can’t put a price tag on friendship -- but if you could, it would be $44.95. Wanderlei was being groomed as a possible 185-pound contender for Anderson’s title. Maybe Anderson feels like he’ll be out the door by the time Wanderlei earns his shot; maybe he’s just not thinking that far ahead. In any event, Wanderlei has a gym in Las Vegas while Silva trains in Los Angeles and Curitiba. TKO via geography.
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