Who You Got? Sherdog Staff Pick 'Em: UFC Fight Night 158

By Sherdog.com Staff Sep 14, 2019
Welcome back, everyone, to the Sherdog Pick 'Em league, where this week we take our best crack at UFC Vancouver.

There's really only one thing to talk about here this week, and it is the legendary boldness of The Hive Mind. For those who don't know, The Hive Mind is a composite picker made up of a weekly poll of Sherdog's staff of forum moderators and administrators. Since it is a vote of (up to 11) people, The Hive Mind's picks are usually fairly conservative -- that's how consensus works.

However, this week The Hive Mind defied all probability -- and all of the front page staff who make up the rest of the league -- by being the only picker to go with Donald Cerrone to defeat Justin Gaethje and the only one to take Uriah Hall over Antonio Carlos Jr. That makes The Hive Mind the first player this year to be in a position to get two Super Cojones Awards in a single week, and to be perfectly frank, if they pull it off, we might just shut the rest of this season down and concede the whole thing. Let it never be said that they did not dare to be great. Respect.

Here are the Sherdog.com staff picks for UFC Fight Night 158: Cowboy vs. Gaethje.


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