Play-by-Play: Gomi Wins at Shooto

May 10, 2009’s Tony Loiseleur reports from the JCB Hall in Tokyo with live play-by-play of Shooto's “Tradition Final,” which is co-headlined by Takanori Gomi versus Takashi Nakakura.

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The event kicks off with the opening bout at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT Sunday morning.

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Megumi Fujii vs. Won Bun Chu
Round 1
Fujii gets a quick takedown on Chu, who attempts to defend, but finds Fujii quickly scrambling for her back. Fujii dives for a leglock, forcing Chu to scramble, but the pound-for-pound standout gets top position. Fujii gets side control, effortlessly grabbing a keylock, which she wrenches for the quick and easy tapout at 52 seconds of the first round.

Akiyo "Wicky" Nishiura vs. Takumi Ota
Round 1
They touch gloves and Wicky avoids a high kick immediately after. Ota goes for the low kicks and Wicky dances in and out, avoiding. Wicky inching closer and closer to look for a big shot, but Ota drops and drives for a single, putting him in the corner. Wicky puts Ota down in the bodylock instead, and works against the ropes to free his arms for punches. Wicky stands and drops three huge shots on Ota. Ota struggles up from under and puts Wicky against a post. Ota ties up a leg for the outside trip, but Wicky forces it down on his terms, landing back in Ota's guard. Wicky lands a big punch again and Ota reaches up to pull him down. Wicky landing smaller punches in the last ten. Bell. 10 – 9 Nishiura.

Round 2
Wicky blasts Ota and he asails him with punches in a corner from top in guard. Ota sits up and tries to pull out a leg, but Wicky squashes him with his full weight. Ota eventually fights his way through a reversal, landing on top in Wicky's guard. Wicky punching from bottom as Ota looks for a way to pass. Ota gets as far as half guard before Wicky kicks him off, but Ota plunges back in and passes to side where he puts on knee on Wicky's belly. Wicky bucks, putting Ota back in guard, but Ota passes to the judo press. Wicky starts punching from bottom, almost punching his way up to sitting, but the bell goes as he's getting up. 10 – 9 Wicky.

The judges see the bout: 20 – 18, 20 – 18 and 20 – 17, all for "Wicky Akiyo."

4:50 a.m. EST: At the moment, they're parading out Japanese MMA luminaries into the ring; both those who've had experience in Shooto and those who haven't, those who have been champions, and those who've come up through its system and moved on to greener pastures.

Ryota Matsune gives a brief greeting, followed by Akitoshi Tamura, who reminisces on his victory over Rumina Sato in this very ring, one year ago. Shooto pioneer and STG Yokohama trainer Kenji Kawaguchi follows, paying homage to Shooto's founder, Satoru Sayama, before referee and Japan Shooto Commission official Taro Wakabayashi presents a plaque to Shooto's commissioner, Noboru Urata, commemorating his service and pro Shooto's 20-year history.

Urata thanks the crowd and fans who've supported Shooto over the years, while also paying his own respects to Sayama.

The ceremony is followed by fight announcements for 123-pound world champion Shinichi "BJ" Kojima and 132-pound champion, Masakatsu Ueda for July 19 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

While BJ's opponent has yet to be determined, Ueda will defend his world title against Shooto South American 132-pound champion Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas.

"I'm excited," deadpans the always mild Ueda, to raucous laughter from the crowd.

Kotetsu Boku vs. Yutaka Ueda
Round 1
Ueda takes the center, dances around and tries to work his head movement while evading Boku's combinations. Ueda lands a body punch and a low kick or two. Boku jabbing and then following with big rights, but they only graze. The two tie up, and Boku attempts a bit of dirty boxing before putting Ueda against the post. They disengage and go back to sniping at each other in the center. Boku lands a nice lunging right and left jab. Ueda missing his left hooks and jabs, but landing the low kick. Boku has now settled into countering, stuffing jabs on Ueda as he presses inward. Ueda dives in and clinches Boku against the ropes. Boku lets off a knee to the body and then starts flurrying on Ueda while disengaging from the clinch. Boku lands a huge right straight during the flurry, sending Ueda straight down on his back. Boku swarms, piling up shots, and Ueda covers up. Referee Taro Wakabayashi lunges for the save at 4:56 of the first.

Thoroughly pumped, Boku dances around the center of the ring.

Kenichiro Togashi vs. Tetsuji Kato
Round 1
Togashi takes the center and tries to creep close to Kato, who keeps him at bay with winging left hooks and body kicks. Southpaw Togashi soon find his range however and plants jabs on Kato's face. Togashi keeps Kato on the outside like this, frustrating and wobbling him with just the power of his jabs. Kato's only offense now are low kicks. Kato shoots for a single and gets top in half guard. Togashi recovers full guard but eats a bunch of punches. They stand, clinched, with Togashi against the ropes, and Kato fighting for double under hooks. Kato knees the inside of Togashi's legs while Togashi tries to do uppercuts with his free hand. Kato drops for a single and gets Toagshi down, right at the bell. 10 – 9 Togashi.

Round 2
Togashi looks for his range again, starts snapping off jabs. Kato lunges with a big one-two, but Togashi is out of range. Togashi works Kato into a corner with the jab, and Kato shoots when he runs out of space to backpedal. Kato puts Togashi against the ring post and goes for knees to the inside of the legs again. Togashi punches his way out and takes the center again, jabbing Kato into corners. Kato lands a leg kick that makes Togashi stumble. Kato lands a stiff jab, and an inside leg kick that results in a low blow. Upon resuming, Togashi blocks a body kick, returns with his jab. Togashi's jab is missing more often now, and Kato is giving him low kicks and grazing one-twos to think about. Bell. 10 – 9 Togashi.

Round 3
Kato landing the low kicks, avoiding Togashi's jab. Kato shoots for a single, gets stuffed, but is put against the ropes. Togashi pushes him off and goes back to hunting and pecking with the jab. Kato lands a body kick, but eats a handful of jabs in order to do so. Togashi lands a jab-right-jab combo. Kato returns with a hard body kick. Kato grazes with a right handed "Superman" punch. Kato shoots a single, gets a few jabs for his troubles. Togashi jabs Kato a few times for the next two minutes, right up to the bell. 10 – 9 Togashi.

Judge scores:
Tadashi Yokoyama: 29 - 29 Draw
Hiroyuki Kanno: 30 - 28 Togashi
Toshiharu Suzuki: 29 - 28 Togashi
Kenichiro Togashi takes the majority decision.

Mitsuhiro Ishida vs. Mizuto Hirota
Round 1
Ishida lands a low kick, and circles Hirota. Hirota lunges with a flurry, but Ishida moves out of the way and Hirota rebounds off the ropes. Ishida landing more leg kicks. Hirota lunges and tags the backpedaling Ishida with a savage one two that sends him slumped over and out cold in the corner. Hirota follows for the finish but barely gets off two punches on the unconscious Ishida before referee Wakabayashi jumps in to stop the bout at 1:33 of the first.

Yusuke Endo vs. Willamy Chiquerim
Round 1
Southpaw Endo tries to get his range by pumping his jab at Chiquerim, but he's to far out to land anything significant. Chiquerim lands a low kick, and Endo lunges with a hook into the clinch. Endo tries for an outside trip, but Chiquerim keeps it standing. Endo tries again, and Chiquerim reverses it into a TD of his own, taking mount on Endo. Chiquerim postures and tries to push Endo's head down for range so he can punch. Endo can't buck the Brazilian off and so just hangs on, trying not to get knocked out. Endo uses his legs to pry him off, but Chiquerim stays on top, standing in Endo's guard, looking for punches. Endo sits up, right into a Chiquerim guillotine. Endo works to extricate himself. Catch called by Suzuki, and soon after, Endo taps right at the 5:00 mark.

Takashi Nakakura vs. Takanori Gomi
Round 1
An in-shape and ripped-looking Gomi takes the center as Nakakura push kicks from the outside. Gomi fidgets and feints, blocking another push kick. Gomi catches a low kick and throws a right, left hook, hitting Nakakura's shoulders. Nakakura lunges with a jab, misses. Gomi walks Nakakura into a corner, backs off and catches a low kick. Gomi paws a right hook into Nakakura's jaw as he comes in, but Nakakura shakes it off. Southpaw Gomi is backing up now, throws a one-two that grazes the incoming Nakakura. Nakakura scores a right hook of his own. Gomi with the one-two, grazes. Gomi catches a low kick and pushes Nakakura into the ropes, then backs off.

Both men trade left hooks square on the jaw, but neither is fazed. Nakukura lands a hard right, Gomi is okay though. Nakakura is unafraid of Gomi's power and so starts walking in, landing shots. Gomi flurries and leaves Nakakura blinking his left eye. Nakakura eats a few more punches, but pushes Gomi off, throwing flurries of his own, but only grazes. Gomi peppers the forward pressing Nakakura with punches right up until the bell. 10 – 9 Gomi.

Round 2
Nakakura tries to pull open his slowly swelling left eye before the second round starts. Gomi takes the center again, punching up the forward pressing Nakakura. Nakakura scores with two lighting fast jabs, circles, misses a middle kick and spinning back fist. Gomi switching stances, punching to the body. Nakakura landing the low kicks and quick right hands now, staying out of Gomi's range. The fight is slowly turning in his favor, as he's the one racking up the single shots, forcing Gomi to come in and hunt for his punching opportunities. Gomi lands a hard left, and Nakura pushes forward and lands a one-two, low kick. Nakakura again with the one-two. Gomi going high low with his hooks, swings a right hook and barely catches the top of Nakakura's head. Nakakura with the low kicks, and Gomi slams a right hook to Nakakura's face and body. Gomi swings three big punches sending Nakakura supine into the ropes. He lunges to finish and Wakabayashi jumps in for the save at 4:41. The replay shows that Gomi's final flurry was a right body hook, left hook to the head, then a right hook to the head that knocked Nakakura out.

"Lion" Takeshi Inoue vs. Rumina Sato
Round 1
Sato's left leg, from his calf to his ankle, is heavily bandaged up. Sato lunges with a punch to the body, then a flurry up top. Lion blocks. Sato throws side kicks to Lion's legs. Sato right blocked. Lion walking Sato down, waiting to get his range for the coup de grace. Sato racking up low kicks and grazing punches. Sato grazes with a spinning back fist, and Lion kicks at Sato's bandaged leg. Sato lands a right. Sato grazes with a right superman punch. Lion has barely been able to get off more than a few leg kicks or jabs. Sato with a grazing axe kick. Sato spinning back kick. Lion walking Sato into a corner, but not attacking. Sato push kick, body punch. Lion throws a right hand, forcing Sato back into the corner. Sato lunges with a knee to the body. Lion only now putting some jabs on Sato. Sato lands a left hook that floor Lion, but as he jumps to finish, Lion covers up and turtles. Lion recovers and gets to his feet, and in the clinch, dirty boxes an overzealous Sato to death. Sato falls into a corner, covering up as Lion jumps on him to GNP. Referee Suzuki stops the bout at 4:41.
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