Shamrock, Abbott Earn $45,000 Combined

By Staff Feb 20, 2009
Former UFC headliners Ken Shamrock and David “Tank” Abbott netted a combined $45,000 for their short turns at Wargods and Ken Shamrock Productions “Valentine’s Eve Massacre” last Friday in Fresno, Calif. -- a far cry from the low six-figures both fighters made per fight just a couple of years ago.

Shamrock, who turned 45 last week, made $25,000 for the 60 seconds it took him to ground and submit super heavyweight Ross Clifton, according to disclosed figures released by the California State Athletic Commission on Thursday. The 380-pound Clifton earned $4,000.

Abbott, 43, clocked Mike Bourke with a looping right and left him face down on the canvas in 29 seconds. The gray-bearded brawler pocketed $20,000, while Bourke was paid $5,000.

The 14 remaining fighters on the card were doled out $37, 150 combined, pushing Wargods' total disclosed pay to $82, 150. According to CSAC figures, Wargods took in a gross gate of $90,745 with 2,805 in attendance. Paid and comped tickets for the event weren’t specified.

Wargods and Ken Shamrock Productions “Valentine’s Eve Massacre” Payouts

Ken Shamrock -- $25,000 (no win bonus listed) def. Ross Clifton -- $4,000

Mike Moreno -- $5,000 (including $2,500 win bonus) def. Gary Padilla -- $2,500

David Abbott -- $20,000 (no win bonus listed) def. Mike Bourke -- $5,000

Issac de Jesus -- $3,500 (including $1,000 win bonus) def. Ashe Bowman -- $2,000

Rick Reeves -- $3,000 (including $1,500 win bonus) def. Nathan James -- $1,500

Josh Haynes -- $3,000 (no win bonus listed) def. Rafael Real -- $2,500

Zoila Frausto -- $1,250 (including $500 win bonus) def. Karina Hallinan -- $650

Ron Keslar -- $2,000 (including $1,000 win bonus) def. Darrin Freeman -- $1,250
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