Rewind: Down To Business with Jim Ross and Dave Meltzer

By Jack Encarnacao Feb 9, 2014

With the departure of Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva's shelf life in question, a key discussion point behind the scenes in mixed martial arts is where the UFC can turn to generate pay-per-view dollars in 2014.

This week on the Sherdog Radio Network Rewind, in a "Down To Business" edition of the program, host Jack Encarnacao welcomes to guests with seasoned perspectives on how to build stars and storylines that keep the pay-per-view gears oiled.

First, legendary pro wrestling announcer and producer Jim Ross gives his insight on a lifetime of identifying in athletes the qualities that sell, and how the UFC can accentuate those qualities in its fighters.

Then, Wrestling Observer editor and PPV guru Dave Meltzer joins the program to look at the state of what remains the UFC's key revenue stream, what sells in combat sports in 2014, and the amorphous nature of the UFC's alliance with Fox Sports.

Better know MMA. Catch the latest Rewind, available for download here.

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