SalmonGate Epilogue: Salmon Explains Cage Fright

By Jake Rossen Sep 24, 2009
If there’s anything to take away from last month’s mini-scandal involving fighter Sean Salmon admitting in a column that he didn’t fight off an armbar attempt, it’s that Salmon’s byline can dig a very deep hole for him.

This hasn’t stopped him from authoring a new installment -- shovel and dirt flying -- where he continues to insist he misquoted himself.

“I wasn't looking for a way to lose,” he wrote. “I just knew at that exact moment in my life there were a million places that I would have rather been. [Allan] Weickert put me in an armbar. If you watch the video, I did not pull my arm out and put it back in, as I made it sound in my last column. I honestly have no idea why I described it that way. It was a tight armbar, but I do feel that if I would have fought my ass off (the way I should have), I could have gotten out of it.”

I’m not sure how much more good can come from discussing the situation. Salmon defied basic physiology by putting his foot in his mouth, and he should probably consider this his last mea culpa before retiring from any further commentary.
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