Sherdog’s Top 10: Fastest Submissions in UFC History

No. 10

By Brian Knapp Oct 13, 2017

10. Dennis Hallman def. Matt Hughes
UFC 29
Dec. 16, 2000 | Tokyo

Hallman showed that in MMA lightning can strike twice. A future welterweight champion and hall of famer, Hughes entered their rematch at Differ Ariake on an 18-fight winning streak. The Miletich Fighting Systems star sought to avenge his 17-second standing guillotine choke submission loss to Hallman two years earlier under the Extreme Challenge banner. Hughes executed a high-amplitude takedown inside the first 10 seconds, but he failed to bottle up the cagy “Superman” on the canvas and soon found himself entangled in a triangle choke. Hallman withstood two subsequent slams, transitioned to an armbar and dispatched his counterpart with shocking ease and efficiency, leaving a wounded Hughes to clutch at his arm -- and pride -- 20 seconds into the first round.

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