Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao Results: Metamoris 4 Play-by-Play

By Mike Sloan Aug 9, 2014

Chael Sonnen will face Andre Galvao Saturday at Metamoris 4. has live play-by-play of the action below starting at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. Also, a “surprise match” will be announced at the event.

Metamoris rules are simple: a 20 minute, submission-only match. No points are scored and if the contest goes the full 20 minutes, a draw is declared.

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Kit Dale vs. Garry Tonon

Tonon, sporting a terrific red and white Sharknado rash guard and shorts, is bouncing around and ready. They clinch and Tonon quickly rolls into a kneebar but misses. Dale scoots over and is in Tonon’s half guard. Both men very relaxed. Tonon gets the underhook, loking for a sweep but the Aussie blocks it. Tonon moves to X guard and quickly shoots over for a heel hook, but Dale defends perfectly. The heel hook is tighter and Dale rolls over twice and eventually snakes out of it. Tonon on his side now, still in half guard. Dale stands in surfer’s stance and looks to pass. Tonon goes for the kimura but quickly lets it go. Dale is standing up and escapes the half guard; they get back to their feet. Dale shoots in but Tonon stuffs him and locks on a guillotine. He pulls guard and Dale tries to roll out of it, but the American holds tight. Dale scrambles up but Tonon doesn’t let go. Tonon drops back down and tightens it. It’s very, very tight. Dale is in trouble. Dale taps out to the guillotine. Now official time given.

The Official Result

Garry Tonon Def. Kit Dale Submission (Guillotine)

Saulo Ribeiro vs. Rodrigo Medeiros

One of the most anticipated rematches in recent BJJ memory is under way. Medeiros towers over his opponent and they clinch. “Comprido” tries to tug him to the canvas, but Ribeiro defends. Ribeiro drops down from the grips and his guard is open. Ribeiro has a tight grip on Medeiros’ lapel, who is trying to pass to the side. Ribeiro is up; Medeiros tries to take his back but misses. They clinch again. Two minutes in and it’s a total stalemate. Comprido snaps him down, but Saulo springs back up to his feet. Medeiros has a tight grip around the collar. Now he has a double collar grip and controlling the clinch. Saulo breaks the collar grips and feints a sayanagi. Still in he clinch, Medeiros quickly attacks the grip and tries a sayanagi of his own, but it’s blocked. Medeiros now has a cross grip on the lapel. Both men are every relaxed five minutes in. Comprido is looking for an X choke while standing, but Saulo defends it and eventually frees his neck. Medeiros tries a collar drag and takes his foe off his feet, but Ribeiro again springs right back up. Medeiros has Saulo’s gi wrapped around his forearm, but Ribeiro eventually breaks free. Ribeiro performs a slick drop-knee sayanagi, and in the ensuing scramble, Medeiros winds up on his back. Comprido pulls his opponent into his half guard; Ribeiro is looking to pass to his left. Ribeiro is trying to break the half guard to free his leg and pass to side control, but Medeiros is holding it tightly. Medeiros is on his side and has control of Ribeiro’s lapel, looking to sweep. Ribeiro is holding tight, sitting on his foe’s hip. Medeiros bumps him and scrambles to his feet. From there, he executes a single leg takedown, but Ribeiro quickly bounces back up to his feet.

Halfway through the match, it’s dead even. They clinch and are forehead to forehead. Medeiros is looking for the X choke again, but Ribeiro is having none of it. Comprido attempts a leg sweep, but he misses. Saulo has a tight belt grip but lets go a few moments later. Saulo reaches down for a single leg, but his attempt is stuffed. Back to the clinch. Ribeiro attempts another drop knee sayanagi but he misses. Neither man is reckless; they are playing it safe and looking for the takedown-to-pass. Ribeiro drops down to pull guard and lands in half butterfly. Saulo has a hold of Medeiros’ collar. Medeiros is looking to pass but Ribeiro hip escapes out the back door and scrambles back up to his feet. They clinch. With six minutes left, they are starting to pick up the pace. Medeiros tugs Ribeiro toward him but can’t drag him to the canvas. Comprido again latches on the X choke, but Saulo is defending it well. They separate and then quickly return to the grip fighting. Medeiro pulls to closed guard. Saulo postures up and looking to break open the guard to pass. Ribeiro stands up and opens the guard but during the pass attempt, Medeiros tries an omaplata. He misses. Ribeiro passes the guard and moves to side control. Ribeiro scoots over and achieves full mount. Ribeior is looking for the Ezekiel choke but Comprido defends it. Medeiros rolls over to his side, exposing his back. Ribeiro is all over his collar, but Medeiros defends the chokes. Medeiros is able to move into a deep half guard. Comprido rolls into a textbook waiter sweep. They scramble back up to their feet. With a minute left, they clinch. Comprido goes to an over hook but lets go. Medeiros pulls to closed guard with 30 seconds left. Comprido moves to the sit-up sweep and gets it, taking Saulo’s back. He can’t get any hooks in and Ribeiro defends the choke. The time runs out, but the combatants continue to grapple. The ringside officials are yelling at the ref that time has expired. He finally hears them and ends the fight. The official result is a hard-fought draw.

The Official Result

Saulo Ribeiro draw Rodrigo Medeiros 20:00

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Keenan Cornelius

They quickly clinch and Cornelius immediately pulls guard. Cornelius quickly rolls over to an inverted guard but then goes back onto his back. Cornelius latches on the 50/50 guard and looks briefly for a heel hook, but lets go almost as soon as he goes for it. Cornelius reaps the leg, but Vinny is calm and collected, avoiding the movie. Cornelius scoots over and tries to take Magalhaes’ back, but the Brazilian-American defends and stand up; Cornelius stays down. Magalhaes grabs the foot and stands over Cornelius while the Hilo native looks for the de la Riva. Magalhaes backs away and then again grabs the feet, looking to pass. Magalhaes kneels down but Cornelius reverts back to the inverted guard. Cornelius locks on a calf slicer and then lets go, back to the 50/50 guard. Cornelius applies a heel hook but it’s not terribly deep. Magalhaes defends it and grabs the toes, looking for the toe hold. It’s very deep and Cornelius rolls over three times, eventually escaping. Cornelius is wincing and plays the spider guard. Magalhaes is patiently standing over Cornelius, looking again to pass. The Las Vegas-based grappler has a hold of Cornelius’ feet again, but he’s having a hard time getting past the wiry guard play of his foe. Magalhaes seems to be a bit frustrated with Cornelius’ guard and lets go, backing away and sighing. He returns to the pass and grabs on the feet. Magalhaes instantly latches on a deep heel hook. Cornelius rolls over and is in pain; the heel hook is frighteningly deep. Cornelius grimaces just as he is able to escape after rolling out of it. Vinny winds up in Cornelius’ half guard and for a few seconds, he is stuck in a heel hook until he escapes. Cornelius goes for the toe hold, but Magalhaes defends again. Cornelius back to the 50/50 guard. They scramble out and Vinny stands up, walking away and around Cornelius, who stays on his butt. Magalhaes again grabs the feet, looking to pass but Cornelius’ guard is superb. Cornelius looks for the De la Riva and a single from his seat, but Vinny has none of it and backs away. Magalhaes squats down and his forehead-to-forehead and then scoots to the side. However, Cornelius again defends the pass perfectly. Vinny again stands up and sighs in frustration from being unable to pass. With the match half over, Cornelius tries and arm drag but misses it.

Vinny gives him his right foot and allows Cornelius to try a toe hold. Vinny mocks a tap out twice and laughs, and then escapes the lock. Cornelius rolls to his side from half guard and looks for a kimura, but Magalhaes defends it perfectly. Vinny backs up and out and then looks to pass again. Vinny backs away again after Cornelius misses the X sweep and then into X guard. Magalhaes steps over Cornelius’ left shoulder and the American is looking to sweep. Cornelius rolls onto his side and goes to half guard and then quickly moves to X guard and gets the sweep. They scramble off the mat and then are restarted in the center of the mat with Magalhaes on his back. Cornelius is looking to pass, trying for a leg drag. Vinny’s guard is slick and preventing the pass. Magalhaes misses the De la Riva and after the ensuing scramble, Cornelius passes and moves to north-south position. Cornelius moves over to the side and then back to north-south. Magalhaes bridges up and then scrambles, but Cornelius is all over him and then pushes him off the mat. They restart in the center and clinch briefly. With about four minutes left Cornelius shoots for a single but it’s stuffed. Magalhaes stuffs it and then scrambles away, but Cornelius is all over him. They scramble again until Cornelius passes to the side. Magalhaes looks a little winded now and gives up the mount. Cornelius scoots up to high mount, possibly looking for the triangle. Vinny blocks the submission well, making Cornelius miss it. From there, Cornelius lands in side control. In cross body, Cornelius can’t isolate the far arm and instead moves to knee-on-belly. Magalhaes pushes the knee off and prevents the mount, but Cornelius is all over him. With two minutes left, Cornelius gets the mount from the knee-on-belly transition. Vinny looks very tired and Keenan scoots up to a very high mount again. Cornelius goes for the triangle again and traps the left arm. Magalhaes is defending well. Cornelius looks for an arm lock this time, but he can’t get it. With 30 seconds left, Cornelius latches on the triangle. It’s deep and he bucks and rolls. Cornelius immediately transitions to the arm bar but Vinny rolls out and up to his feet. He wags his finger at him in a “no no no” gesture. They go to clinch just as time expires. After an awesome no-gi match, it’s officially a draw.

The Official Result

Vinny Magalhaes Draw Keenan Cornelius 20:00

Baret Yoshida vs. Jeff Glover

They circle each other and Glover gives up his back, waving Yoshida in. Yoshida jumps in and Glover goes for a rolling heel hook. Yoshida escapes and stands back up. Glover again turns away and gives his up back. Yoshida attacks and glover rolls out. They scramble and Glover goes for a knee bar. The Hawaiian defends and escapes and then stands back up. Glover rolls in and goes for the takedown. They scramble after Jeff misses another knee bar attempts. Glover sits to guard and Yoshida attacks. Yoshida takes his back only briefly as Glover rolls and spins out, back up to his feet. Yoshida his a hold of Glover’s left foot and looking for a sweep, but Glover defends and then rolls to pass. Yoshida holds onto Golover from the bottom and tries to take his back, where Glover latches on a toe hold. He misses it. They stand up and Yoshida tries to jump to guard. He misses and they scramble again. Glover goes to the inverted guard but rolls out, leaving his back open, Yoshida tries again to take his back and the scrambles to the side and gets side control. Glover transitions to a quick triangle. Yoshida blocks it and then slips into an omaplata, but again Yoshida escapes. Glover rolls over again and Yoshida takes his back. Baret cant’ sink the hooks and Glover stand up. Glover literally goes to a hand stand and tries to sucker Yoshida into it, but the Hawaiian pushes him over and rolls to try to pull guard. Glover is now kneeling and trying to pry open Yoshida’s guard. Glover stands up and Yoshida looks to sweep, but can’t get it. Glover again goes to the inverted guard and Yoshida takes his back upside-down. Yoshida scoots out to the side and latches on a side half guard. Glover grabs Yoshida’s left foot, looking for a toe hold. Yoshida defends it well. He lets go but Yoshida won’t allow him to pass. Glover goes for a heel hook briefly but Yoshida rolls out to safety. They stand up for a few seconds but Glover immediately drops to his seat, trying to pull guard. Yoshida is looking to pass but can’t. They scramble and switch positions. Glover goes for a leg drag by doesn’t get it near the halfway point.

Glover moves to butterfly guard. Baret looks to pass and misses, so they stand back up. Yoshida tries to jump to guard and misses wildly. Glover knee slides halfway thru but can’t pass. Finally, after another scramble. Glover passes to side, but Yoshida instantly wraps him up and gets half guard. Yoshida scrambles and glover gets full mount. As soon as he gets in, Yoshida sweeps him, landing in Glover’s high guard. Glover thinks about a gogoplata but never really tries it. Yoshida breaks the guard and looks to pass but after a scramble they’re back up. Glover pulls guard again and looks to sweep him. Yoshida is on his side and trying to sucker him in, but glover is at a safe distance. Glover stands over his foe and tries to pass, but Yoshida’s guard is superb. Yoshida under hooks the right leg of Glover back can’t get the sweep or takedown. They stand again and then Glover slowly sits back down into butterfly guard. Yoshida is looking to pass the guard again, but eventually Glover rolls out to his side, preventing it. Glover grabs a foot but is nowhere near landing the hook. He lets go and Yoshida springs up. Glover winds up in Yoshida’s quasi-half guard. After a short lull, they stand. Glover looks a bit winded and they clinch. They separate and then Glover turns his back and bends over, giving up his back. He tries to stand on his head as Yoshida slowly walks toward him. Glover looks to pull him into his inverted guard but Baret has none of it. Yoshida rolls into a pass and they stand back up. They clinch and then Glover quickly shoots for a single and misses it. He rolls into a knee bar but Yoshida steps away quickly. Glover rolls into Yoshida again and gives up his arm. Yoshida think omaplata but decides against it and then sits up. They stand again and then Glover calmly sits back down. Yoshida pounces and almost gets a full mount, but Glover blocks it and then sweeps him. Glover latches on a straight foot lock but Yoshida defends it and escapes. They stand as Glover walks away. Yoshida slowly chases him down and then Glover rolls into another knee bar attempt but misses. With 30 seconds left after they stand again, Yoshida tries to jump to guard but misses. Glover looking to pass, but Yoshida’s rubber guard prevents it. Time expires just as Yoshida closes his guard and tries a triangle. The result is a draw after a terrific no-gi matchup.

The Official Result

Baret Yoshida Draw Jeff Glover 20:00

Josh Barnett vs. Dean Lister

Barnett is hovering over Lister, looking to pass. Barnett finally passes to side control and is crushing him down. Lister has Warmaster’s right arm trapped in his guard but Barnett is undeterred. Barnett is applying solid shoulder pressure. Lister remains calm and has the underhook of Barnett’s left arm. Lister has his right hand on Barnett’s hip. Barnett still has his right arm pummeled under Lister’s left leg, but “The Boogeyman” is not letting hi m advance position. Lister scoots to his side and is looking to escape out the back, but Barnett is applying heavy pressure on him. Very little action with 13 minutes left in the match as both men are extremely relaxed and not wasting energy. Lister shrimps out and is looking to recover his guard and moves to butterfly guard. Lister looks to isolate Barnett’s left arm and then lets go. Lister now in half guard and returns to Barnett’s left arm. Lister opens up his guard and seeks a triangle or arm bar, but Barnett is too wary to even have him attempt it. Barnett backs away and then shoots in. Lister scrambles away and then turtles up. Barnett is hovering off the back of Lister’s right side, with Barnett’s left arm digging underneath the defense. Dean is motionless in his defense while “The Warmaster” fishes for arm control on the inside at the halfway point.

Barnett shades to rear and then tugs him down to side control. Barnett immediately cradles Lister with incredible pressure in his armpit. Lister shuffles out of the cradle, moving Barnett to straight side control. Lister explodes out, but Barnett is all over him and lands in north-south. Lister flattens himself out completely while Barnett lays on him. Lister rolls over to his side and Barnett immediately latches on the kimura. He might have it. Lister continues to scramble and Barnett loses it. During the ensuing scramble, Barnett improves his position and get the kimura attempt again. It’s deep. Lister explodes out again and frees his arm; Barnett lands back in side control. Lister tries to recover his guard and then rolls over to turtle position. Barnett is now on Lister’s back but does not have the hooks in. Barnett is pummeling through the defense and looks to choke, but “The Boogeyman” defends it well. Lister explodes out again and rolls to his side, looking for a leg lock. Barnett stuffs him, defending the lock. Lister goes for the foot, but Barnett blocks the submission as soon as Lister tries it. Back in side control, Barnett is dominating him. Barnett isolates Lister’s left arm and looks for the kimura again. Lister defends and rolls into him, freeing himself again. Barnett goes back to side control and digs his knee into Lister’s face. Lister wants none of it and shrimps out, looking to recover his guard with four minutes left. Lister gets to half guard and brings his left leg up by Barnett’s face, but Josh scoots to the side, looking to pass again. Barnett stands up and holds Lister’s feet, looking to pass again. The two are now talking to each other. Barnett explodes to the side, easily passing. Lister rolls over to his side and reaches for the leg, but getting nothing. Barnett is pressing all his weight on Lister, who looks miserable on the bottom. While Barnett pummels under Lister’s leg, Lister shoots up for a triangle, but misses. Barnett again goes for the kimura but misses. Barnett goes for a D’Arce from the side, but it’s not deep at all and Lister eventually wriggles free. Barnett back to cross body. Barnett quickly latches on a side choke from the scarf position. It’s very deep. With about 15 seconds left in the fight, Lister needs to escape right now. It’s very deep. Lister can’t break free. With the arm fully trapped, Lister is forced to tap out. Barnett is the first man in over 16 years to submit Dean Lister in grappling/BJJ competition, capturing the Metamoris heavyweight crown.

The Official Result

Josh Barnett Def. Dean Lister Submission (Scarf Choke) 19:48

Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao

Sonnen fakes a single, then actually does shoot and gets the low level single. Galvao quickly goes to his back and tries to pull him into his guard. Galvao goes to butterfly for a few moments and then closes his guard. Sonnen is looking to open the guard and pass, but Galvao breaks his posture and looks for a head and arm choke from his back. When they separate, it’s revealed that Sonnen is cut near his right eye. Sonnen is being looked at by the ringside doctors. The cut doesn’t look horrendous so the fight will likely continue. It’s a small cut and the fight resumes. Sonnen is back in Galvao’s closed guard. Sonnen again is trying to open and pass, but Galvao’s guard is exceptional, denying the former UFC middleweight title challenger. Galvao is inching up Sonnen’s chest, but Sonnen shoves him back down. Galvao is looking to isolate Sonne’s left arm while on his side, but the American’s defense is terrific. Galvao now has Sonne’s right arm trapped but when nothing comes of it, he lets it go. Galvao opens his guard and Sonnen eventually backs out and stands up. Sonnen quickly dives right back into it, but this time Galvao is working from his open guard. Sonnen stands up and then dives back in. Galvao now from butterfly guard, looking to open something up. Sonnen again stands up and backs away. Galvao now working from the sitting position, but nothing arises. Galvao back to his back while Sonnen looks to pass. Galvao starting to invert his guard, but the arm drag doesn’t work. They stand briefly but Galvao quickly sits back down. Sonnen stands back up but again goes right back down after the Atos co-founder. Sonnen stands up yet again and Galvao scoots after him. Back into the butterfly guard but Chael is neutralizing everything he tries. Sonnen stands up and goes for the ankle pick, but Galvao simply lays back down and then onto his side. Galvao closes his guard and then under hooks Sonne’s left leg. Galvao pulls Sonnen close and is trying to inch up to a high guard, but nothing is coming from his attempts. Sonnen breaks open the guard and stands back up and then dives right back into Galvao’s open guard. Galvao pulls Sonnen into his half guard but it lasts only a few moments. Galvao goes back to the half guard and underhooks Sonnen’s right arm. Galvao tries to stand but Sonnen whizzers him back down at the halfway mark.

Galvao is scooting out to the side with that underhook and is inching over toward Sonnen’s back. Galvao trying to stand up now but Sonnen thwarts him. After a brief scramble, Galvao takes Sonnen’s back. He has both hooks in and is attacking the neck, but Sonnen is defending it. Galvao has a full body triangle now, but he can’t sink the choke just yet. Chael rips the arm free but Galvao is continuously attacking. Galvao gets his right forearm under the chin but it’s not quite deep enough. Sonnen is defending his neck nicely, but he’s still in trouble. Sonnen is able to peel the arm off, but he’s still in a perilous position. Galvao is very relaxed and attacking the neck whenever the openings appear. Galvao rolls Sonnen over onto his belly, still looking for the rear naked choke. Galvao rolls over to his side and the choke is deep. It looks grim but Sonnen is still defending. Galvao slithers his arm deeper and sinks it. Sonnen finally taps out with about six and a half minutes left in the fight.

The Official Result

Andre Galvao Def. Chael Sonnen Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 13:49


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